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My history

I originally studied Fine Art and have been an art teacher for  many years. In 1995, with a move to Shropshire, I found Westhope College, where I was able to do City and Guilds textile courses. I was fortunate to be taught by Linda Kemshall, Bobby Britnell and the late, much missed, Marie Roper. I was awarded a medal of excellence from City and Guilds.


Wanting a change of life style and to do my own art work, I retired from teaching at Shrewsbury High School to do an MA at Hereford College of Art. I really enjoyed doing the MA, it helped me to better understand my motivations and helped me to establish my artistic identity. 




Drawing and design are key to my practice. Seeing and looking, then editing, composing and interpreting. Most important for me, is a need to refine, to step away and come back to see anew. I always start with a drawing, which I then develop with Photoshop.  I transfer my drawing / design onto fabric with printing methods. I like the serendipity and creativity that I can generate by handling the fabric, cutting and collaging fabrics to allow creative changes. 

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