My pictorial narratives have an emotional quality. The atmosphere in the imagery is airless, the space internal. Although figures are usually a focal point, the love of place is important to me. I have always been attracted to ancient landscape, reflecting the hand of man, particularly the flowing drift of wind swept grasses on the baked sculpted forms of banks and ditches, features of the many hill forts along the Shropshire Welsh Marches. 

During my MA at Hereford, I developed imagery and themes relating to the cyclical nature of life and archetypes of the feminine. 

Irish machine serviced today. Sewing wel



I am a machine embroiderer. I need to work fast, sometimes in jeopardy, because sewing over a drawing of a face means taking a risk. I draw the details back in if they become lost and add more layers of stitch.

Drawing and design are key to my practice. Seeing and looking, then editing, composing and interpreting. Most important for me, is a need to refine, to step away and come back to see anew. I always start with a drawing, which I then develop with Photoshop. This tool allows me to plan colours and layout.  I transfer my drawing / design onto fabric with paint or by mono printing. I like the serendipity and creativity that I can generate by handling the fabric, cutting and collaging fabrics to allow creative changes. 


My history

I originally studied Fine Art. Starting at Cardiff Art School, finishing with a PGCE at Reading University. I have been teaching ever since. In 1995, with a move to Shropshire, I found Westhope College, where I was able to do City and Guilds courses, which reintroduced textiles into my life and helped me to reengage with my own work. I was fortunate to be taught by Linda Kemshall, Bobby Britnell and the late, much missed, Marie Roper. I was awarded a medal of excellence from City and Guilds.


Wanting a change of life style and to do more of my own art work, I retired from teaching at Shrewsbury High School to do an MA at Hereford College of Art. I am now working towards exhibitions in 2022.